Logan  Laveau

Black Magic Babe

Logan Laveau is a NYC-based burlesque performer, costume designer, and model. She has been performing since her 2014 debut with the New York School of Burlesque. She has since performed in shows at The Slipper Room, Nurse Bettie, Coney Island, and Temple of the Virgins. 

Photo by Ben Lazar

Photo by Ben Lazar

Logan Laveau is a costumer, illustrator, and possible mirage. The New Yorker has haunted tiny stages from Portland to Paris since 2014, though her technical striptease debut happened before she could even legally drink. Ms. Laveau is a chameleon with a wig and has equal love for the glamorous and the ridiculous, but she always delivers her signature dollop of wickedness with a smile. In 2018 she won the ‘Most Classic’ award at the Como Lake Burlesque Festival, The Pink Room Burlesque’s Miss Twin Peaks Pageant, and the Tasselmania Intercuntinental Championship Belt. She has also participated in the New York Burlesque Festival and the Dallas Burlesque Festival.


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Background photo by Ben Lazar 2016